Earnest Quality Wear

Suppliers of the best fitting quality wear in the world.

Created and tested by the best for the hardest working creators.

What started with a long stay in Japan, very soon sparked a realisation of the need for well styled, fitted and highly functional wear in the workshop, at the track or on the streets.

We take pride in choosing products that you want to work in. Rather than an endless generic catalog of everything, we use this focus to do them right, the way workwear should be.

The products created behind the Earnest Workshop doors and tested by creators all around the world are made to last. The best fitting and highest quality gear with a strong focus on timeless style. We ensure you look good while improving your working experience for years to come.

The Earnest Workshop

Everything we create is part of a long drawn out process, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Our approach to classic wear starts like all things, with a need in the workshop. This sparks the hunt and a realisation of just how much more both work and hard wearing gear could be and should be. And that's where we come in.

What begins with an idea, quickly snowballs into months (and even years) of designing, sampling, thrashing and redesigning in the workshop to ensure that each and every product that comes out the Earnest Workshop doors will serve you for years to come. The end result, products that not only fit bang on and look like no other, but also aid you in the best way possible, what ever project you are grinding away on.

The Earnest Workers

Earnest is for people like you. People that have the drive to create. Whether you are grinding away on a life long project in the shed each night, or out in the world building big budget projects, we ensure you Earnest has you covered. If you get enjoyment out of creation with your own hands, then Earnest is for you.